During the 1970’s there occurred a seeming number of disparate events which in hindsight appear to be linked. At its basis was the realization that oil was the lifeblood of all nations and that it was a finite resource. Several proposals were adopted during that time frame which still effect our foreign and domestic policies. This is an outline of some of those ideas and policies:
1) A gradual decrease of US oil production-possibly because the continental US is an “oil sink” or to preserve a known resource while depleting the resources of potential enemies.
2) Removal of the US dollar from the gold standard while embarking upon a scheme linking the US dollar to foreign oil (petrodollar). In effect, this created a world reserve currency based upon the USD by convincing all oil producing nations to sell their product in US dollars only. In other words, it created an increasing worldwide dependence on the US dollar even as America’s dependence on imported oil increased. This guaranteed a US defense of oil producing nations from all future enemies, save, perhaps, the US itself.
3) To slow the rate of the depletion of oil it was decided to commence a (soft) program of birth rate and population reduction programs worldwide. These social engineering programs continue to divide the citizens of the US.
4) To hasten the effect of these population reduction policies it became evident that it was necessary to restructure the American family. This included indoctrinating and re-educating the American populace (especially women) to the following ideas:
• Postponement or avoidance of marriage
• Alter image of ideal family size to two or fewer children.
• Compulsory sex and population education of children.
• Encourage the empowerment and acceptance of increased homosexuality.
• Educate for family limitation with the eventual ideal of a birth rate of two or less children/family.
• Encourage women to enter the workplace. NOTE: I would like all interested parties to review Elizabeth Warren’s film “The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class” wherein she discusses the extreme importance of this often overlooked social change and its effect on the finances of the American family.
• No fault divorce.
• Abortion on demand.
• Contraceptives for all.
• Inclusion of contraceptive and abortion on demand policies in all health plans, public or private.
These ideas, and many others, were most often advocated as empowerment for women and/or saving the planet either for or from humanity.
5) To hasten the implementation of these family restructuring schemes it became necessary to secularize and to reduce the influence of all organized religions as very few would support the policies of indoctrination, re-education, contraception and abortion on demand as an international policy.
Instead of discovering a substitute for oil most of these policies were implemented (sometimes in secret; sometimes quite openly) and while they enriched a few, they have torn apart the very fabric of American society.


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