Population Reduction vs Population Replacement

“The economic problems exacerbated by illegal aliens are manifold and affect the labor market and social services. It is often profitable for employers to hire illegal aliens for low wages and under poor working conditions; these workers will not risk discovery of their unlawful status by complaining or organizing. Thus, illegal aliens (who usually take unskilled or low-skilled positions) not only deprive citizens and permanent resident aliens of jobs, but also depress the wage scale and working conditions in areas where they are heavily concentrated. Although many aliens enter the United States in order to work and send much of their earnings back to their families and homeland, others are not as fortunate in finding jobs and can be a drain on public welfare and social services. Because of the illegal and precarious nature of their status, these aliens are ready prey for unscrupulous lawyers, landlords, and employers.”
“Eight out of 10 illegal aliens found are Mexicans.”
From the Rockefeller Commission Report of 1972. “On Population Growth and the American Future.”
Clearly, the US govt. has been aware of the many problems associated with unchecked illegal immigration since at least the early 1970’s. They still prefer to promote illegal aliens above US citizens. The question is “Why…?”

The simple answers are: 1) Democrats want Amnesty because Latinos are a large part of their voting block at; 2) Republicans (for their constituency) prefer a low wage labor pool and secondarily, they believe in The Rovian Fallacy of Immigration.

“Hiring illegal workers helps to create an excess pool of labor, suppresses wages, allows poor working conditions and a fear based job environment, enriches the illegal worker’s
country of origin, diminishes our economy and our standard of living, makes the
rich richer, the poor poorer, and increases the gap between the 99% and the 1%.” (Steven DeLorenzo).

However, the simple answers are not necessarily the complete answer.
The Rockefeller Commission Report, which I have quoted here. was about
birth rate and population reduction. (It was used as evidence during Roe v
Wade in 1973 to promote abortion on demand).
In short, the commissioners were afraid of the high birth rates of illegal aliens. While many suggestions from this Report have been enacted, this one critical item, that of restricting the influx of illegal aliens, has been pointedly ignored. I am interested in knowing why our government, while promoting abortion, contraception, sterilization, indoctrination, etc,. at tax payer expense for US citizens, is welcoming with open arms a population with a high birth rate, less education, fewer job skills, more dependency on social programs, and less willingness to assimilate than in any recent generation. Do they actually prefer the idea of a few (future) generations of people just smart enough to operate the machinery and do the paper work while they “fundamentally change” the course of America? The question, again, is “Why…?”

In the final analysis, the answer may not lie with birth rate reduction and population reduction (through abortion, contraception, sterilization, and indoctrination) but has more to do with population replacement. ..

Finally, from the Commission Report:
“The flow of immigrants should be closely regulated until this country can provide adequate social and economic opportunities for all its present members, particularly those traditionally discriminated against because of race, ethnicity, or sex….”
“The Commission recommends that Congress immediately consider the serious situation of illegal immigration and pass legislation which will impose civil and criminal sanctions on employers of illegal border-crossers or aliens in an immigration status in which employment is not authorized.”



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