Population Stabilization and Illegal Immigration

“The economic problems exacerbated by illegal aliens are manifold and affect the labor market and social services. It is often profitable for employers to hire illegal aliens for low wages and under poor working conditions; these workers will not risk discovery of their unlawful status by complaining or organizing. Thus, illegal aliens (who usually take unskilled or low-skilled positions) not only deprive citizens and permanent resident aliens of jobs, but also depress the wage scale and working conditions in areas where they are heavily concentrated. Although many aliens enter the United States in order to work and send much of their earnings back to their families and homeland, others are not as fortunate in finding jobs and can be a drain on public welfare and social services. Because of the illegal and precarious nature of their status, these aliens are ready prey for unscrupulous lawyers, landlords, and employers.

Eight out of 10 illegal aliens found are Mexicans.  As has been shown, the economic and social problems associated with illegal immigrants have reached significant proportions.

The Commission recommends that Congress immediately consider the serious situation of illegal immigration and pass legislation which will impose civil and criminal sanctions on employers of illegal border-crossers or aliens in an immigration status in which employment is not authorized.

To implement this policy, the Commission recommends provision of increased and strengthened resources consistent with an effective enforcement program in appropriate agencies.”

These comments were from the Rockefeller Commission Report of 1972:  On Population Growth and the American Future.  This was an (infamous) early (liberal) policy paper, a precursor to population stabilization and sustainability policies.  Some additional recommendations included:  universal access to abortion on demand and contraceptives.  Inclusion of abortion and  contraceptives in all health plans, public and private. Sex and population education in public grade schools and support for the Equal Rights Amendment.  It is curious that many liberals support the above mentioned recommendations and…illegal immigration… when this paper clearly showed…in the name of population stabilization…that these policies were not compatible.


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