Dollar Collapse Scenario

Scheduled Doom:  Collapse of the Dollar

You have seen the indicators, now add them all up.  I call this scheduled doom because it is a mathematical certainty that this has to happen.  It is just a matter of when, and the elite can choose when this happens on THEIR schedule.
1)  FEMA camp staffing contracts (KBR), be staffed within 72 hours.   [link to] 2)  Government buying of massive amounts of storable food.  FEMA ordered $1 billion dollars worth of dehydrated food, a total of 420 million meals.  This was just one purchase. [link to] 3)  NDAA legislation, and other legislation controlling resources and commandeering of those resources.  “National Defense Resources Preparedness”  [link to] 4)  DHS and other agencies purchasing millions of rounds of ammo.  AC14584295 says FDA also getting ammo?!  5)  Bullet proof highway checkpoints ordered.  [link to] 6)  Armored vehicles for DHS.  [link to] 7)  DHS drills simulating starving people with protest signs.  US Army Preparing for Martial Law Scenario in US? Civil Disturbance and Mock Riot Drills In Washington 8)  Drones patrolling entire USA, spying, and locking down all means of entering and exiting.   [link to] 9)  ATM lockdown controls have been developed for bank holiday.  [link to] 10)  Communication methods are being taken over to control flow of information.  Lo0seR mentions CISPA.  Thread: BREAKING # FBI Seizes Server from Progressive Internet Service Provider 11) withoutatrace says:  Children relocation drills.  [link to] 12)  AC 14535292 adds:  Timing, before the election to prevent it from happening. 13)  AC 4094707 –  Price of gold and silver being manipulated so people won’t flock to it.  [link to] 14)  Sedi says:  Fed buying the debt, buying them time.  Also, he mentioned world reserve currency status is dying, time is limited for them to make their move.  GodFrequency mentions Saudi/China oil refinery & Japan/China trading agreement.  Also the 1.4 Quadrillion derivatives bubble is going to pop.  [link to] 15)  IRS revoking passports of people that owe money.  [link to]  AND take their guns   [link to] 16)  withoutatrace says predictive programming books and movies like hunger games, etc.   [link to] 17)  AC714023 says Student loan debt gets forgiven for military service.  A National Defense Student Loan can be canceled in 2 additional circumstances: (1) full-time teaching and (2) military service.  [link to] 18) Black Knight says:  Oliver North, who is known to be involved in COG plans (continuity of government), mentioned on Hannity that suspension of elections could be a possibility. (Iran Contra affair) 19)  GodFrequency also mentions 40 million government workers!  Who can possibly pay the taxes if so many people are living off of the taxes?  [link to] 20) AC1121444 mentions oil prices rising.  This is probably an indicator of dollar weakness and can contribute to a tipping point in the economy.  21)  Euro could topple and by chain reaction take the dollar with it.  CASHMAGGEDON – IMF Warns A Euro Break-Up Could Happen   [link to] 22)  More Agenda 21 controlling of resources.  You won’t be allowed to fish.  Executive Order 13547 – “Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes” allows them to regulate on every square inch of U.S. soil and water” [link to] 23)  United States debt is OUT of control.   [link to]  15.6 Trillion Dollars and growing quickly.  Absolutely NO realistic budget plans are on the table. 24)  James Cameron and other celebrities and just people in general are leaving the USA in droves if they can afford to.   [link to] [link to] 25)  The welfare hoards keep growing.   Thread: CBO – Food Stamp Benefit Rolls increased 70% since 2007 – will continue growing until 2014 Thread: Welfare At All-Time High Under Obama 26)  Chairman of the Fed hinted in the past that devaluing the dollar is a tool of the Fed.   [link to] “A striking example from U.S. history is Franklin Roosevelt’s 40 percent devaluation of the dollar against gold in 1933-34, enforced by a program of gold purchases and domestic money creation.”
If you add it all together they are putting their ducks in a row to be prepared for the planned collapse of the dollar.  They will pull the trigger once they are ready.  I think they will be ready soon.
Also, I want to add that the end of the dollar will mark the BIRTH of a new world wide cashless currency, mark of the beast currency backed by gold and created through SDR (Special Drawing Rights) of the worlds currencies at the time.  The dollar will be devalued and tied to a world currency.  Just my guess.
UPDATE:  I have been getting a lot of feedback about a lot of these items pointing to world wide war as well.  I am not sure if they do point to this or not, but Author Joel Skousen mentioned a good point on this topic.  Underground bunkers.  The elite are building a lot of them and this would tend to indicate preparations for nuclear war.


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