Four Questions: Uneasy Solutions

1926 US advertisement. "Birth Control"

1926 US advertisement. "Birth Control" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Is over-population a menace to the peace of the world?

2. Would the legal dissemination of scientific Birth Control information, through the medium of clinics by the medical profession, be the most logical method of checking the problem of over-population? …

3. Would knowledge of Birth Control change the moral attitude of men and women toward the marriage bond, or lower the moral standards of the youth of the country?

4. Do you believe that knowledge which enables parents to limit their families will make for human happiness, and raise the moral, social and intellectual standards of population?

These were the four questions posed by Margaret Sanger at the conclusion of the first meeting of the “American Birth Control League” in 1921.  Questions with which many Americans still struggle.  Our government has offered solutions, sometimes secretly, sometimes quite openly, but always slanted to Malthusian beliefs.  Which is the idea, so eloquently stated by Paul Erlich:  “Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control.”


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