The International Energy Agency (IEA) stated in Nov. of 2011 that the world had passed peak oil production in 2006.  They further said that by 2035 there would be a 30 million barrel per day shortfall of oil throughout the world.  The US currently uses

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approx. 20 million barrels of oil per day.  Within the past 2 years our number 3 supplier of oil (Mexico) went to number 6 because their major oil field (one of the largest in the world) is drying up.  The Canadian tar sands are expected to produce 3 million barrels per day, at best, most of which will have to go (eventually) to their domestic use.  Fracking requires injecting superheated steam into the ground  to soften the soil and more easily obtain the oil.  The water, (up to 6 million gallons per well head) has contaminated local watersheds and because it requires heating, it uses large quantities of natural gas lowering the net energy return.  Historically, by the 1930’s, all major oil field within the continental US had been discovered.  By 1971, US oil production peaked  and has declined ever since.  In addition, some experts believe that the continental US is an “oil sink”,  meaning that it requires 2 or more barrels of oil to find, recover, transport, refine and transport again, 1 barrel of oil.  If this the case, than what oil which remains, will stay in the ground.   Coincidentally, (or not)  during this time frame Nixon took the US off of the gold standard in favor of a new scheme called “petrodollars”.  This meant that all nations would have to purchase oil using US dollars.  This has allowed the US dollar to become a defacto world currency using oil (instead of gold) as its basis.  Any nation, such as Iraq or Libya which tried to sell oil in currencies other then the dollar has been subjected to violent regime changes.  Additionally, during this time frame (1970’s), it was recognized that oil was a finite but necessary resource.  In an effort to reduce the consumption of oil (and other resources deemed necessary)  the US embarked upon a policy of de-population, both nationally and internationally.  US politicians decided upon a multipart plan to introduce abortion on demand, contraceptives for everyone, and the indoctrination of public school children to a 2 child policy.  They also sought to undermine the institution of marriage by the promotion of women in the workplace, no fault divorce and by promoting homosexuality (this was actively discussed in 2 separate studies during the 1960’s).  In short, they tied the Feminist movement to the Gay movement and the Conservation movement to efforts to save the “planet” (or rather, oil) by not having children.  This policy was sold upon the idea that everyone could have as much sex as they pleased with whomever they pleased as long as no child resulted.  This policy has been successful  in the US resulting in a birthrate below replacement level of 1.9 by 2011. (CDC).  Internationally, the US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to promote “women’s health” and “family planning” and although these are commendable goals this has always been about obtaining resources.  Because of the church’s stance against abortion, promiscuity, and homosexuality it became necessary to secularize and discredit organized religion as much as possible.  In recent years, however, oil producing nations, (overwhelmingly Islamic) have demanded and received special considerations (Sharia) throughout the EU and, increasingly, throughout America.  That trend will continue.  Since 1930, 5 billion people have been added to the planet.  This incredible statement has been entirely facilitated by the introduction and current addiction to cheap (sweet) oil.  As oil production and supplies decline this uptrend in population will likely reverse, perhaps as steeply as it has developed. (dieoff).  In short, politicians aren’t concerned about saddling future generations with debt because future generations will be much smaller, i.e., they don’t expect our grandchildren to survive, much less pay off debts incurred now.


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